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Norish was started by busy parents, for busy parents, to give you peace of mind your baby’s getting all the nutrition they need to thrive.


We know modern life is busy and at times it’s challenging to feed little ones fresh nutritious foods prepared from scratch. Sometimes, we just need something easy AND nutritious…

We were tired of the Big Bad Baby Foods in supermarkets… highly processed paste, heated to temperatures that destroy nutrients, then fortified with synthetic vitamins & preservatives. We knew there had to be a better option for babies and busy parents everywhere. 

So, we came together to create naturally nutritious baby foods and family meal boosters that harness all the goodness from mother nature’s wholefoods. An easier way to feed your family a healthy diet and give you peace of mind they’re getting all the nutrients they need to thrive.

Our mission is to empower parents with the information about baby nutrition and provide convenient nutrient-dense baby foods to give every baby the best start in life.

Gina & Dylan Urlich 

Gina is a Mum of four and a leading Clinical Nutritionist, specialised in women's health and infant nutrition. Gina brings a wealth of knowledge, trust and creativity to the Norish brand ensuring all the product development and recipes meet the highest nutritional standards without the use of synthetic vitamins, minerals and preservatives. 

Gina is a trusted voice in the nutrition space and provides an abundance of education to help you make informed decisions regarding your child's diet.

Emily & Andy Spear

The entrepreneurs behind Petite Eats, Emily & Andy have always been passionate about sourcing the best ingredients and making nutrient-dense foods available to babies everywhere. They’re inspired by their children Willa and George to give babies the good food they need to grow. 

Andy brings a wealth of Supply Chain Management and New Product Development experience to the Norish team which is perfectly complemented by Emily's extensive knowledge of e-commerce and relationship management


Babies need so many nutrients in their first two years. The right food to fuel their development, as they go from babbling to talking and crawling to walking. It’s a lot of pressure on busy parents to get it right. And it’s easy to feel guilty if you don’t. 

We’re here to make life a little easier. We’ve done the hard work packing all those vital micro and macro-nutrients into your baby’s food, so you can relax, knowing a qualified nutritionist has thought about everything your baby needs to thrive.

From New Zealand farms to your baby’s bowl

All our wholefood ingredients are sourced from New Zealand suppliers, choosing organic wherever possible. 

From fresh vegetables to NZ grass-fed beef, we freeze-dry all the produce we source seasonally, when they’re at their best. We work with the most advanced freeze-drying facilities in New Zealand to retain all the nutritional integrity of wholefood, without the weight of water. This enables us to concentrate raw ingredients and create nutrient dense food that is easy to ship, store, and prepare.