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The importance of strengthening your baby’s intestinal barrier

A healthy gut is the foundation for a strong digestive and immune system. 

A key component of gut health is a strong intestinal wall barrier. A strong intestinal wall acts as a barrier to prevent undigested food particles, toxins and microbes from entering the bloodstream. However, if this intestinal wall barrier becomes weakened or damaged, food particles are able to ‘leak’ into the bloodstream otherwise known as a leaky gut.

Every mouthful matters, and by integrating bone broth, liver and collagen into your baby/child's diet is shown to help strengthen the integrity of the intestinal barrier creating optimal gut health.

The magic of liver, bone broth and collagen

  • Bone broth: Bone broth is a rich source of gelatin, which contains collagen. And bone broth (collagen in particular) helps build connective tissue making it a key component in supporting tissue repair and sealing the intestinal wall. This is particularly important for a child that experiences food sensitivities or eczema, as a weakened intestinal barrier is one of the major causes of eczema. Additionally, bone broth can reduce the risk of food sensitivities and allergies and supports immunity and digestion. The Norish Beef Bone Broth is a fantastic addition to a baby/child's meals, it can be added to most meals such as a bolognese, soups or stews or mixed with water and offered as a drink. If offering bone broth to a baby who has started solids, it would be recommended to mix it with water and used as a thinning liquid to help achieve a more smooth-soup-like consistency when offering purees, or offered as small sips (when mixed with water) throughout the day (i.e. in between meals) or added to purees as is.

    Note: as with all liquids, breastmilk and formula should still remain the primary source of nourishment for babies until 12 months of age.

    • Collagen: Collagen is crucial for maintaining the integrity and elasticity of the gut lining, ensuring that harmful substances don’t pass through to the bloodstream. Some studies have found that decreased collagen production is common in individuals with inflammatory digestive issues. Collagen makes up the connective tissues of the intestinal tract helping to strengthen and seal its protective lining. Additionally, bone broth (contained in most of the Norish products) is a great source of collagen and an easy way to integrate both the benefits of bone broth and collagen into your little ones diet. We have also added collagen into the NORISH Smoothie Booster.

    • Liver: Glutamine specifically (which liver (as a food source) is high in), is a supportive amino acid, that aids in both digestion (as it promotes the health of the digestive tract by regulating cell division of the intestinal lining) and immunity (acting as a source of fuel for immune cells, including white blood cells and certain intestinal cells). Glutamine specifically has been recognised as the key amino acid for successfully preventing inflammation in the intestinal wall and repairing leaky gut.  Freeze-dried beef liver is found in our Norish product range and provides easy additions to your child's meals.

    At Norish, we understand the importance of nurturing your baby’s gut health. Our range of products are carefully designed to support this critical aspect of their well-being and help you provide the best possible nutrition for your little ones. The Norish product range makes it easy for parents to enrich mealtimes with nutrient-dense whole foods making mealtimes healthier in as little as possible.

    Start exploring the range now.


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