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What to look for in Commercial Baby Food

Leading Nutritionists Gina Urlich & Steph Lowe discuss nourishing your little ones with nutrient dense whole foods in this informative podcast.

What to look for in commercial baby food:

You're not alone if you feel a little overwhelmed in the baby food aisle, it is a noisy space with a lot of marketing that is mostly misleading. Here are our top tips to consider when purchasing baby food. 

1. Look at the sugar content, even if the ingredients don't have added sugar, fruit concentrate can add a huge load of sugars to your babies diet. We recommend under 6g/serve.

2. The ingredients are listed in descending order. Take a look at what the bulk of the meal is made of & try to avoid cheap fillers like ground rice.

3. Make sure the ingredients are delivering the essential nutrients your baby needs. eg: your baby needs more iron than an adult male, if the ingredient in a puree is only pumpkin or apple you will not be meeting those iron requirements.

4. Our precious little babies should not be exposed to preservatives & additives. This might look like citric acid, rosemary extract or numbers on the ingredients list. Avoid these ingredients.

At Norish it is our promise to provide the most nutrient rich foods for you little ones with no sneaky labelling.


A survey of over 2000 mothers raising school aged kids discovered that Mums spend nearly 100 hours a week on household duties & parenting tasks.

Over 70% of these mums also have part time or full time jobs.

Its almost a necessity to have convenient options to support parents juggling a huge workload & we are honoured to be able to provide both nutrient dense food & convenience in the same space. 


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